Ka-Pow! End of Summer Dance Party!!!!

Join us at the Social Lounge this Saturday night, August 25th, for one last summer dance party! We’ll be rockin’ all night! The Par-tay starts @ 10 pm.

The Social Lounge


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Swingin’ Summer Thursday!

So there’s a new video of Ka-Pow! playing some Dylan at West Chester’s Swinging Summer Thursdays festival. It’s pretty much the awesomest thing you’ve ever seen. But you have to go to Facebook to watch it!


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Ka-Pow! returns to the Pale Horse

Every second Saturday. All Summer.

Saturday 6/11/2011 | 10pm
Saturday 7/9/2011 | 10pm
Saturday 8/13/2011 | 10pm

29 East Gay Street
West Chester PA 19380

Yes there will be a light show. YOU WILL HAVE FUN.

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Ka-Pow Returns to the Pale Horse

Friday April 1, 2011 10pm


Her’s a video to get you excited (I’m excited!):

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Kapow on WestchesterDish.com!

Ka-Pow! plots world domination in the super secret KA-POW! Situation Room. Photo by Amy Strauss.

Ka-Pow got some great press on West Chester’s nightlife destination on the interwebs: WestChesterDish.com.

With ever-changing variety in each set, mixing and mashing vocals and striving to appeal to wide audiences, Ka-Pow! may be the most entertaining band you’ve seen. You can catch them at the Pale House, Blarney Stone or Side Bar, living by their honest tag line, “Every night is a happy fest, a dance party that will make you sore in all the right places.”

Head over to westchesterdish.com to read the entire article and check out some pictures from our super-secret practice space, The Ka-pow! Situation Room!

If the article doesn’t get you excited, then you’ll need to come out to the Pale Horse next Saturday 2/12 and party with us. Aubree said is best:

“We take our fun seriously.”

Special Thanks to Amy Strauss for hooking us up with some free press!

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Remember last weekend…

…when you partied like crazy because of that silly quirk of the calendar called “New Years Eve”?

No? Neither do we. So let’s do it all again this weekend by partying with Ka-Pow at the Pale Horse! We’ll wear silly hats, drink champaign, and toast in the new year with confetti and fireworks!* So join us wont you?

Saturday January 8 at the Pale Horse in West Chester. 10pm.

*There will be no silly hats**, confetti, champaign, fireworks, or anything else related to a New Years celebration. That was last weekend. If you don’t remember, then you should probably make sure there are no embarrassing pictures of yourself on Facebook.

**There might be silly hats.

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Some Videos…


Piece of My Heart:

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